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Below is an article by Ian Everson outlining the Dennis Dart single deck buses that migrated to Jersey following withdrawal by Isle of Man Transport. The MERS is grateful to Mr Everson for submiting the article and allowing use of his photographs on this website. Copyright remains with the photographer.


By Ian Everson

ALTHOUGH the Isle of Man is better known for having a Jersey connection by virtue of their common roles as offshore financial centres with many institutions having operations in both islands, this article deals with buses which started off in the Isle of Man but subsequently moved to Jersey.

In 1994 Isle of Man Transport took delivery of 8 Dennis Dart 9.8SDL vehicles with Plaxton Pointer 40-seat bodies with fleet numbers 72-79 and local registrations CMN72-79X. They did not have a long life on home territory and were withdrawn in 2000 as new Dennis Tridents and ex-Selkent Leyland Olympians entered service to provide double-deckers there. The first two withdrawn, 76 and 78, passed to Thamesdown Transport, operating in the Swindon area.

This left six which, once available, were purchased by JMT (t/a Jerseybus) and arrived in Jersey later that year. They were similar to the total of 20 Dennis Dart/ Plaxton Pointers which had been received new by JMT during the period 1994-1998.


Isle of Man Transport
JMT t/a Jerseybus
Rebranded Easylink 2003
Subsequent Disposal
72 - CMN 72X
9 - J 93500
Tantivy Blue Coach Tours 201
73 - CMN 73X
14 - J 90172
Tantivy Blue Coach Tours 205
74 - CMN 74X
28 - J 90241
Connex 772
75 - CMN 75X
38 - J 93319
Connex 773
76 - CMN 76X
to Thamesdown Transport
77 - CMN 77X
53 - J 16861
Connex 757
78 - CMN 78X
to Thamesdown Transport
79 - CMN 79X
55 - J 90454
Tantivy Blue Coach Tours 206

On arrival in Jersey former Isle of Man Transport 73 and 74 are seen parked at the Weighbridge in August 2000.

Former Isle of Man Transport 77 is seen (right) awaiting application of registration J 16861 as JMT 53 at the Weighbridge,
with repainted 75 (left) still showing its Manx registration mark. [Photo MATTHEW ANDERSON

With Easylink colours and fleet number 202, former Isle of Man Transport 77 is seen on 17th October 2003 at Albert Pier awaiting
use on afternoon direct schools services. [Photo IAN EVERSON

After refurbishment Connex renumbered J16861 as 757. Although mainly used on direct school services the Plaxtons provide cover
in the event of servicing needs of regular performers on the scheduled bus network. 757 performs on route 18 on 17th August 2010
at Le Marais. [Photo IAN EVERSON

With Tantivy Blue Coach Tours fleet number 205, former Isle of Man Transport 73 is seen on 11th June 2010 at Albert Pier on
lay over. [Photo IAN EVERSON