C.A.M.R.A Charters

The MERS has been contacted by tour organiser Paul Blowfield who is arranging two special trains later in the year, with the support of the C.A.M.R.A hierarchy, and has asked us to advertise them.

The visit and special trains have been deliberately arranged to co-incide with the Campaign for Real Ale (C.A.M.R.A) AGM and they are hoping to have an afternoon/evening special on the MER on Friday 16th April, with an evening special on the IMR on Saturday 17th April.

The plans are still 'speculative' at the moment as Mr. Blowfield and a colleague are underwriting the cost, and wish to at least break even. For more information about the charters, or to book a place, please contact Paul Blowfield providing yor address and telephone number via e-mail: [email protected]