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This page is designed for photographic contributions to the Manx Electric Railway Society website. If you have any views of transport to or on the Isle of Man, particularly pre 1980, and would like to see them added to the website please e-mail first with details to All contributions welcomed.

Transport enthusiast John Halsall has visited the Island on many times spanning several decades taking photographs on many occasions. The views below show a selection of Douglas Corporation horse trams taken in traffic during July 1960. Times have changed and most of the rolling stock shown are no longer in service, and indeed several have been scrapped.

The MERS is very grateful for the use of these photographs, which make a welcome addition to the website. Copyright for each view remains with John Halsall.

Sunshade car 33 is seen in the drizzle, advertising the delights of the Port Soderick complex and Jacob's Biscuits, a regular advertiser on the Douglas Corporation horse cars. At this time car 33, along with most of the batch, had not had bulkheads fitted, in fact this tram was the last so treated

With the backdrop of Strathallan Crescent, horse car 47 starts on its journey along Douglas Promenades. Today the scene is largely unaltered except for the number of motor cars strewn around the area. Tram 47 was withdrawn during the late 1970's and is now stored inside the former Homefield bus garage

Above and Below: In 1935 Douglas Corporation purchased buses and horse cars from Vulcan Engineering, all of which were destined to be used mainly along the Promenade. In total 3 horse cars were bought and numbered 48-50, lasting in service longer than their motor bus counterparts. All three were withdrawn towards the end of the 1970's and were sold to Isle of Man Railways, who had intended to replace railway station buildings and shelters with them. In the event two were scrapped whilst the third was used for a while as an open waiting room at Derby Castle station. This car, 49, was later sold as is now in store along with horse car 47 at Homefield. Car 48 is seen heading towards the Pier, anyone not wishing to use the tram during the evening could always go and see Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen at the Villa Marina

This batch were sometimes referred to as 'Tomato Boxes' because of their appearance. Car 50, with its side doors slid shut arrives at Derby Castle station. Not only was Kenny Ball appearing on the Island this summer, so too was Tommy Steele

For many years the horse tramway ran until late in the evening with cars running after dark. An unidentified car is seen passing the Villa Marina heading towards Derby Castle. To the right, at the bottom of Broadway, can be seen the pole where police would often stand to control traffic. Today the area is full of road Islands, traffic lights and restricted entries