Contributors Page

This page is designed for photographic contributions to the Manx Electric Railway Society website. If you have any views of transport to or on the Isle of Man, particularly pre 1980, and would like to see them added to the website please e-mail first with details to [email protected] All contributions welcomed.

Transport enthusiast Roy Cripps has sent in the following archieve views of Island transport. The MERS is very grateful for the use of these photographs, which make a welcome addition to the website. Copyright for each view remains with Roy Cripps.

Manx Electric Railway Tunnel car 7 trundles down King Edward Road en-route to Derby Castle on July 5, 1971 in the livery of the period but retaining the 'M.E.R' austere period lettering on the centre side panel

Following the closure of the Manx Electric Railway northern section after the 1975 summer season, public pressure the following year saw the service reinstated from mid-summer 1977. The first car to arrive at Ramsey was winter saloon 20 and trailer 57, seen amongst the crowds of well-wishers on June 25

Douglas Corporation Transport open toastrack car 40 plods along Central Promenade en-route to Derby Castle. In the background can be seen one of the coach departure points - of which at the time there were quite a number along Douglas Promenades

July 5, 1971 at Douglas station and IMR locomotive 4 LOCH returns a train of holiday-makers to the capital after a day out in the Island's southern towns and villages. During this period the line was being operated by Lord Ailsa, with the loco finished in what became know as 'Ailsa' or 'Apple' green livery. Today trackwork has been moved slightly to the right, as has the signal box.

Snaefell Mountain Railway car 1 rests at the peak of the line on August 23, 1976. The following it year it would be refurbished with second-hand equipment acquired from Aachen.

Manx Electric car 19 and winter trailer 58 climb towards Bulgham summit on June 25, 1977. The car-set is operating the second tram between Laxey and Ramsey on the day the northern section of line re-opened following closure in September 1975.