Contributors Page

This page is designed for photographic contributions to the Manx Electric Railway Society website. If you have any views of transport to or on the Isle of Man, particularly pre 1980, and would like to see them added to the website please e-mail first with details to HERE All contributions welcomed.

These superb pictures below have been submitted by Colin Clifton, to whom we are most grateful. Copyright for each view remains with the photographer.

Manx Electric Railway ratchet car 14 and trailer 50 are being prepared for service on August 5, 1974. At this time it was common practice for spare cars to be based at Laxey to help at peak times. Commonly the Laxey late turn would start early running extras and swap at some convenient point during the day with the early shift, who would take over the 'spare set' until the crowds were shifted

Above two photos: - Trailer 50, hauled by ratchet car 29 firstly stands and then departs Laxey, bound for Douglas with an 'extra' car on August 22, 1978

The interior of Laxey car sheds on August 24, 1978 with the two remaining 1893 cars, 1 and 2, together with withdrawn ratchet 15 and cattle car 26 on shed. Both 1 and 2 were in use as works cars at this time

bove two photos: - By 1979 ratchet car 14 had been downgraded to per way use, whilst car 1 had been refurbished and returned to service. The ratchet is seen on overhead repair work near Ballaglass on August 9, 1979. Note the headboards fitted to car 1 celebrating the Island's Millennium of Tynwald (the Manx Parliament) and the centenary of electric traction. Car 1 was unusual in having these attached to both ends, most cars only had them applied at one end


The following selection of colour views were taken during August 1964 by Neil Clifton and feature both the Manx Electric and Isle of Man Railways. Copyright remains with Neil Clifton.

Manx Electric Railway cars 21 and 2 meet at Ramsey, August 6, 1964

Isle of Man Railway ex-County Donegal railcars 19/20 rest outside Douglas workshops, August 8, 1964

Manx Electric Railway Tunnel car 7 shunts at Laxey station, August 9, 1964. In the goods siding car be seen sister car 5

Manx Electric Railway cars 1/48 await passengers at Laxey station prior to returning to Derby Castle, August 9, 1964

Paddlebox car 26 and trailer 56 climb through Laxey Valley on the approach to Millers Crossing returning to Derby Castle on August 11, 1964

Tunnel car 7 and enclosed winter trailer 57 approach Laxey station with a service from Ramsey , August 11, 1964. The hot weather experienced that day is evident by the number of windows that have been opened

Ratchet car 29 with the unique and delightful little trailer 60 wait their call for service on the goods shed siding in Laxey station, August 11, 1964

Isle of Man Railway loco 8 FENELLA with carriage F6 are captured at Ramsey, August 13, 1964

The two Isle of Man Railway diesel railcars, 19/20, cross Glen Wyllin viaduct on August 13, 1964